Shy C/a/nadian Guy
You always give everything your full 50%, and I love you for that.

Can you feel it?


I’ve recently found people’s attitudes are closely linked to what they experience, and while this may seem obvious I feel I’ve confirmed it by feeling this myself. People who are the most intelligent and depressed are those who see all of life’s events in total, painful vividity, without censor to evil or ecstasy. While people who are happy and dumb have partitioned off their minds to anything that does not compliment their position, or that which they do not understand. Wisdom seems to come at the price of being exposed to painful and constant overwhelming truth, while bliss seems to be able to put you mind in a box. I’d surmise the best strategy would be to learn while having selective partitioning to things that do not help emotionally, in order to keep your psyche in balance and your sanity in check.


my favorite game character is the duty guy and the portal girl
rob fjord

rob fjord

If I don’t shower my vagina smells like its baking bread in a fish factory.

*buying pads with gf*

gf: “How are you doing?”

cashier: “Good, how are you?”

gf: “Not pregnant.”

"The dream of the future you see dissolves,

And with time so does the apprehension.

The world under sun is no exception,

And all you see around you evolves.

New traits and things familiar can be sensed,

But futile is hope without fruition.

The grief you knew begets no vision.

The happiness you felt becomes regret.

Winter fades and takes its cold and storm.

Spring revives the world with love and warmth.

But still the law: All things decay and age.

Vanity itself won’t dry your tears.

And so you fear as your time draws near,

The world will turn but never change.”